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Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to communicate with Chicago Ice Cream Truck to get a quote (Phone or Email)?

Email is absolutely the best way to contact us for a quote, because you will get more detailed information and have it in writing. We only honor quotes that we provided you in writing. We are very responsive and usually respond to our customers within a few hours (within 24 hours at the latest). Please make sure to double check that the email you provided is correct.

Do you require a deposit in order to make a reservation/booking?

Yes, we require deposit in order to book and confirm your event. Your event is not confirmed unless we receive a deposit and confirm the event with you in writing (in the form of an email). The deposit is usually equal to or less than $150. The deposit will be used towards a credit for your grand total at the end of your event. Due to the ice cream truck business being seasonal and in high demand, we use this method to eliminate any frauds or hoaxes. The deposit is non-refundable if an event is cancelled due to no fault of Chicago Ice Cream Truck, please make sure you are committed to booking.

I received the quote and I accept the terms, how do I move forward and reserve the ice cream truck?

In order to book the ice cream truck, we need the company name (if applicable), contact person’s name, their direct phone number (cell phone) to have on file for the day of the event, the address of the event, and to confirm the date & time please.

After receiving the above information, we require a deposit to secure the reservation and will send you an electronic invoice via email and you can pay it online using any major credit. Once we receive the deposit, we would then confirm your reservation 

When is the payment due?

Payment is due at the very end of the event, before the driver departs (unless other arrangements have been made and approved).

Am I able to rent/lease the ice cream truck to drive on my own?

Unfortunately, we do not rent out our ice cream trucks as it is a big responsibility.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards (including American Express).

Can we put our signs on the truck?

No doubt about that! You are able to apply your promotional/marketing material on the truck.

 Are the ice cream/Popsicle items kosher?

Yes, most items are certified kosher.

How many people can your ice cream truck serve?

Each of our ice cream trucks can easily serve a crowd of up to 2,500 people. We can have even more ice cream stocked on the truck for larger events if needed.

How many people can you serve in one hour?

We are very experienced and can comfortably serve up to 300 people in one hour, as long as everyone chooses what they want in a reasonable time.

 Are you hiring drivers to drive your ice cream trucks?

We appreciate your inquiry, but we are a family operated business and are currently not hiring.

How far do you guys travel with the ice cream truck for an event?

We can travel up to a 100 miles radius (You can use O'Hare Airport as our location, only for the purpose of determining mileage, as we are near the airport.) 

Do you guys drive around the ice cream truck selling ice cream on the streets?

Unfortunately not, we are an events/catering company and are usually very busy catering to our bookings/customers.

Is Chicago Ice Cream Truck able to provide a general liability certificate of insurance upon request to park districts, forest preserves, venues, etc.?

Of course! We are fully insured and would be more than happy to accommodate.

Are we able to wrap your ice cream truck for our marketing event?

Yes, without a doubt! This is something that we do frequently.

Do your trucks play ice cream truck music?

Yes, it wouldn't be an ice cream truck without the traditional ice cream truck music. We are also able to control the volume of the traditional ice cream truck music to your liking.

Do I need to choose the ice cream items ahead of time?

No, we will have our full menu fully stocked on the ice cream truck and enough to serve 2,500 people. We can even stock up on ice cream for more than 2,500+ people on the ice cream truck, if let us know ahead of time.

I don't want my guests/employees to pay, can I just pay at the end?

We do not charge each individual. We keep tally and present the host with the grand total at the end of the event.

Do you have/offer special packages for schools?

Yes, we have a special package for schools. Please inquire and we will provide you with the special menu along with the pricing. 

Does Chicago Ice Cream Truck save the credit card information we used to pay for deposit and have it on file so it can be used to pay for the remaining balance at the end of the event?

No, for security reasons, we do not save any of our customer's credit card information or have it on file. You will have to present the credit card physically or provide the credit card information  at the end of the event to pay the remaining balance before the driver departs; Unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon previously.

Can I prepay for everything ahead of time?

Yes, you are able to do so if you know the exact quantity of ice cream you want. It is hard to predict how many people will actually consume ice cream, as sometimes people overestimate or underestimate the guests count. Also, some people might get seconds unless you supervise or provide each person with a ticket.